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Haven Chemical Health Systems has been chosen as a "Top Pick Treatment Center" by Theravive's mission is to facilitate a rapid connection between an individual in need of help, and qualified therapists who can provide counseling.

Welcome to Haven Chemical Health Systems LLC

      The Haven in Waconia offers programs for Adults.  Programs focus on treating substance abuse as a complex, multi-faceted disease that affects the whole person. Abstinence from all mood-altering chemicals is essential to maintaining a quality recovery and the foundation of the programs offered are based upon the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

       The Haven in Waconia also offers education and referral services; a comprehensive assessment of chemical use problems is conducted by Licensed Alcohol and Drug counselors. At the completion of each assessment, an appropriate recommendation and/or referral is made.

Adult Outpatient Chemical Dependency Services

Primary Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Relapse Prevention Track
This program consists of three different levels of intensity with each client progressing at an individual rate. The client starts at three sessions per week, moves to two sessions per week and eventually one session per week, depending on their needs.

  • Progress towards mutually established goals is regularly reviewed and revised
  • Individual progress will determine the optimal point of discharge from the program
  • Evening sessions are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Family Program offered every other Thursday

Additional Services Offered

Relapse Prevention Treatment
Designed for adolescents who have either successfully or unsuccessfully completed a primary chemical dependency treatment program, or who have made attempts at sobriety but have resumed their use of chemicals.  Program consists of:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family groups
  • Lectures and audio-visual aids
  • Conferences with school, parents, probation officers and therapists
  • Insight into understanding the Relapse process
  • Relapse Prevention plan of action


Teen Choice Program
This is a brief intervention program that integrates the stages of change, motivational interviewing and support to change chemical use. It is a non-confrontational program used to help teens examine their chemical use. Using a harm reduction model, teens are guided through activities and questions that get them thinking and engaged in conversation about their use. The Teen Choices program provides support and guidance to youth ages 13-17. This is a six-week program where the teen meets one to one with a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor weekly to examine these choices.

In order to be considered for the program a teen must have had a chemical dependency assessment and meet criteria for this program. This program does not replace treatment programming rather it is an early intervention program for those teens who are beginning to experience consequences and have mild to moderate chemical use problems.

Teen Choice includes:

  • Education regarding harmful consequences of ongoing use, pros and cons of ceasing use.
  • Identifying challenges to remain abstinent.
  • Education regarding how addiction impacts the brain.
  • Examination of attitudes around drug use and reinforce anti-drug attitude; and
    Strengthening personal commitments against drug abuse.
  • Support for youth and parents.
  • Drug resistance skills – assertiveness around refusal skills.
  • Examination of peer relationships and protective factors.

Case Management

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